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Tips and Tricks for Rail Travellers Going to Europe

Travelling together is very common amongst couples. One of the most endearing destinations popular for its romantic ambience is Europe. Some of the European cities are home to tourist spots that make all romantics giddy. After some romantic bonding watching over scenic views in the comforts of the train, every couple wandering Europe should visit these following cities for the ultimate romantic trip.

Paris, France

Paris is one city that stands out as most romantic to most. The combination of the old and new culture of the city makes it a popular choice for travellers and tourists to be an ideal romantic getaway. It has all the right ingredients for any lover’s perfect escapade. The City of Light has plenty of destinations and romance-related activities for every type of travellers most especially for lovers. Amidst the current issues concerning the love-locking bridge, it was one innovative concept that sells easily to couples. For a simple but striking date or for catching up a beautiful sunset, try going to the Temple of Love or commonly referred to as Temple Romantique. However, for couples opting for a religious activity, the Montmarte with its signature Sacred Heart Basilica is the place to go. For a slow but sensual romantic stroll, the finest spot is the serene Canal St. Martin. The historical towpaths and the iron footbridge is perfect scenery to passionately watching the vintage road bridges opening up to let canal boats pass through. On the other hand, being on a boat sailing romantically down the Seine on a river cruise is more dreamy and exploratory. The Jardin Shakespeare is also a gorgeous spot to visit because all of the trees, plants and flowers. There is a lot to choose from among the many idealistic places in Paris but one should not end its journey without taking a glimpse at the beautiful Eiffel tower. It is almost everybody’s dream to see the striking and iconic tower and seeing it in real life is absolutely romantic and surreal.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another romantic city that is famous among tourists is Amsterdam. It is casually called the Venice of the North because like Venice, it has plenty of canals. The magical effect of the city shines the brightest at night. The bridges are lit and couples mostly enjoy a slow stroll along the cobbled streets while peering over the windows of the splendid canal houses. Nevertheless, for couples to truly enjoy the canals, renting a boat for two and cruising privately while enjoying some sumptuous meal and sipping some champagne, is such an amazing thing to experience. Another memorable thing to do is to have picnic in Vondelpark. Finding a perfect spot surrounded by lovely flowers, near the pond and overlooking the bridge and winding alleys is as impressive as dining in an expensive restaurant. Also, joining some food tours and going to concerts alongside other dreamy couples is an exciting and passionate thing to do in Amsterdam.

Venice, Italy

Venice City is absolutely made for love and romance. Lovers will definitely be filled with astonishing experiences and brilliant memories when they travel in this city. From the hotel accommodations, delectable dishes to outdoor activities, the city is abundant and prideful. Getting lost on the winding and historical streets of Venice is like submerging yourselves into a mysterious but encouraging maze. The canals offer a pensive view and taking a boat ride at the Grand Canal is a must-try especially when the sun is about to set. But there is nothing more romantic to taking a Gondola ride and join the custom of kissing under every bridge. Food is also best in this city and the best spot to dine is in the Casanova-related historic restaurant called Cantina Do Spade. For an extra alternative, also check out restaurants that offer a view of the romantic canals. Sharing some gelato along the street, feeding pigeons in St. Mark’s Square and watching opera are other tender things that should be on the list when visiting Venice.

Madrid, Spain

The charming city of Madrid is full of romantic places and hidden places that can mesmerize tourists. There is so much to do in the busy avenue of Gran Via. Tourists can check out all kinds of hotels, shops, bars and striking landmarks and watch out for all essential sights to see. For a more inspiring and quiet activity with the loved ones, visiting big museums and small galleries is fun-filled and educational. Trying the city’s best churros and grabbing a good beer while taking pictures of all the marvellous structures and statues around the city is a good catch-up activity for any traveller. The city has lot of cultural collections that are fascinating and romantic.

There are so many beautiful spots and wonderful activities waiting in Europe. And you should spare the time to check them out. Book your romantic train trip today.

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