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Tips and Tricks for Rail Travellers Going to Europe

Travelling by train is now the new trend in going to Europe. It is a comfortable and cost-effective way to travel. You cannot only enjoy the beautiful spots of the city you plan to explore in but you also get to see all the fascinating scenic views along the way. Through incredible train routes, you can experience many parts of Europe in the luxury of your carriage. There is nothing more fortunate than be mesmerized by the breathtaking views of the Alps, stately villages, incredible viaducts and tranquil waters. However, travelling by train sounds simple and fun, it is not as easy as getting to the station, finding your platform and hopping on the train. A systematic plan should be made in order to avoid drawbacks that can ruin the supposed to be magnificent trip. There are several tips and tricks that are already proven to work for some of our rail travellers. And it would not hurt to read more and keep that in mind.

Tickets and Rail Pass

There are many train routes to choose from when travelling to Europe. And it is better to know what particular city you want to go to so you can choose the appropriate tickets. You see, booking a train journey is like creating your own customized travel adventure. You should also consider if your plan and willingness to travel is flexible. There are two available options in choosing tickets and rail passes. One, you can get an open ticket which is usually good for a month. Two, you can get a ticket with a reservation which is only valid for a particular time and train. For rail passes, you can choose consecutive for an unlimited train travel validity or flexi for fixed number of travel day’s validity. You can get these tickets and rail passes on the train station but booking them online can become less demanding. You can also save money by online booking the tickets in advance. Make sure to keep guard on your ticket and rail pass for they are irreplaceable if stolen or lost. Though, certain pass insurance can give out refunds.

Train Service

The option between choosing whether to get the first-class or second-class service of the train is quite a debatable issue. While some says that getting the first-class seat is a better option because of its eminent difference on service such as reclined seats, level of cleanliness and more space, others also claimed that the price difference between the two is not at all worth it. For this argument, I suggest that you get information on your train’s services. There are trains that have comfortable, spotless and modern second-class services. After all, the scenic view you get from both first and second-class does not change at all.

Overnight Trains

Travelling overnight might be a good idea for most travellers. It can save a night of hotel expense and gain you an extra sightseeing time. With these, most travellers sacrifice sitting up in their chair uncomfortably. But for a safer and sounder sleep, get either a couchette or sleeper even if they cost a bit extra on the rail pass. After all, you do not want to be carrying an aching body when you get to your destination. Just make sure that all your valuables are kept secured before you drift off into a good night train sleep.

Know Your Station

One of the most important things to do is to familiarize yourself with the accurate train station you are getting into most especially in foreign cities. It is best to bring a map and always double-check your ticket with the departure and arrival station names. Also, do not be late as European rail services are quiet efficient.

Luggage and Travel Items

Make sure that you use the right luggage. Take into consideration the overhead racks or spaces below the carriages. It will be difficult if your suitcase does not fit the luggage storages. Europeans are distinguished to travel light so their trains are mostly designed according to this manner. Also, bring something that might keep you interested while on the train. Even though, the scene outside is appealing, it is best to bring some attention-worthy materials for when you do not want to look out the windows. Also, most trains may have features like restaurant cars and snack carts but it is mighty good to stock up on your own snacks to save on money because most food on the train is priced heavily.

Don’t forget to Enjoy

Once the tickets have been validated and the suitcase is sitting properly on the rack, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. As much as you do not want to be disturbed by unnecessary noise from other passengers, make sure that you do not make pointless noise of your own. Have courage and try to mingle with locals and other tourists. You can surely learn a thing or two from them.

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