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The Most Scenic European Train Routes

Without Doubt, Europe is a great travel destination!

Europe is one of the most desirable destinations that backpackers and tourists aspire to set for. It is not a complex haven because of the expansive options that travellers can choose from in getting there and enjoying all of its hand-outs. Flying from one desired country to another is one of the top choices that most explorers take pleasure in doing around Europe. Enjoying the abundance of gorgeous locations and amazing activities in Belgium, Prague, and Montenegro, get astounded by the profusion of historical and religious spots in Rome, Spain and Vienna. Surely, all souls will get lost and restored in the astonishment of all of Europe.

Touring Europe by Train, Such an Ideal Way

However, another option for a romantic and thrilling trip in Europe is to travel by train. For most travellers that are keen to details and inspiration, going by train can become a well-blended recipe of magic and mystery. There are also remarkable advantages that rail travel has over other travel methods. For one, it is a good way to save on time and money because most train stations are already situated in the heart of the town. Also, for some, who finds security lines and long check-in a hassle, waiting for the train and hoping onto it is a trouble-free alternative. Of course, train travelling does not guarantee anyone a fast journey, but, it can certainly assure an impressive one.

All aboard the Different Scenic European Train Routes

Venice-Munich Railway

Venice and Munich are both popular destination for travellers. The former being an extraordinary romantic place especially for lovers with its certain village feel and plenty of canals and bridges and the latter for its notable input on culture and arts and well, beer. The railway from Venice to Munich boasts of prosperous beautiful sites that not only will fill the eyes but will certainly quench the spirit of deep consciousness. Travelling from Venice to Verona to Trento then Innsbruck and finally to Munich will be filled with getting in-sight the Italian valleys, snowy peaks and towering Alps.

The Chocolate Train, Switzerland

What is a great travel without great food? This train route does not only offer a wealth of scenic views but also tenders two of the most flavourful food variant in the world, chocolate and cheese. The trip starts in Montreux, home of the spectacular snow-covered Alps and lush vineyards. It allows travellers to visit a popular cheese-making factory and a spectacular castle when it reached Gruyeres. Part of the trip is also a free lunch at one of the delightful local eateries. Finally, when it reached Broc, tourists are given an amusing chance of nipping on scrumptious chocolate treats at the Cailler-Nestle Chocolate Factory. Now, isn’t that a sweet victory?

The Scottish Highlands

Dubbed as one of the most striking train routes, this course is absolutely an intense one. The route starts at Fort William where travellers can be taken aback by Britain’s highest mountains which will spearhead the unearthing of West Highlands. It passes through Glenfinnan, the place famous for its arched viaducts which magnificently overlooks Loch Shiel and the Jacobite monument. Even those that are not fanatics of the Harry Potter films will find these views truly enchanting. Passing through the serene village of Arisaig is another part of the route that brings certain astonishment to travellers and locals alike. And finally, ending the course, Mallaig is a town known for its reputation as a busy fishing village and identified for its abundant and sumptuous seafood.

The Great British Heritage Route

United Kingdom is prevalently known for its many historic sites, the castles, in particular. For travellers that predominantly love the significant structure of the great British fortresses, gaping into the train windows of any British Heritage Routes can become a joyous and unforgettable experience. And not only that, there are over 500 noteworthy attractions that are waiting for all kinds of tourists.

The Flam Railway

The journey within Flam Railway is always an experience to behold. Although it is recognized as one of the steepest train lines, the panoramic view of the most splendid nature sights makes the entire route a fantastic one to take. For only a short moment, this route will take travellers into a myriad of travelling occurrences through the mountains and the ocean. Getting to explore the spectacular Flam Valley either on foot or from the saddle is a necessity that every traveller in this route should experience.

Bernina Express, Switzerland to Italy

Generally described as the most scenic Swiss train ride, this train routes absolutely brings all the formula of great train travelling into both a surreal and real experience. Starting at the oldest city in Switzerland, this train ride is definitely one to offer a fulfilment when it comes to history cravings. It runs along one of the most impressive slim gauge railways, the Albula Railway and then passing through the soaring Landwasser Viaduct. It also passes beside 3 lakes within the Bernina Mountain pass. One of the most remarkable highlights of the Bernina Express Route is the Brusio loop which is a circular viaduct with a panoramic view.

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