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The Most Interesting Railway Stations in Europe

The advantages of travelling by train are many. There are so many amazing and rewarding things travellers get when they choose to book trains instead of planes when exploring the magnificent Europe. One of the abundant perks of travelling in Europe by train is being able to stop by so many beautiful railway stations. The astounding architecture, magnificently decorated buildings and enormous passenger platforms puts any traveller in awe and admiration. Some of these train stations are not only strikingly functional in appearance but also serves as the country’s main utmost architectural structure. Most train stations in Europe have brilliant historical stories that will keep tourists and travellers interested.

Antwerp Central Station in Antwerp Belgium

This is one of the most luxurious and notable railway stations in the whole of Europe. The exceptional architectural approach of this station is difficult to find in contemporary architectural styles. The design is similar to a religious construction; therefore the station is often called the Railway Cathedral. It has twenty different types of stone and marble that is flawlessly built to last a long time. Travellers get the feeling of being inside a cathedral every time they set foot in this lavish and impressive railway station.

Gare du Nord in Paris, France

This iconic railway station in France has been featured in several popular films such as The Bourne Identity and Ocean’s twelve. One of the station’s dramatic features is the striking statues that signify the places where the usual Nord’s train are coming from and heading to. It also features gigantic arched windows that allows bountiful amount of light to peer through the platforms for a more spectacular effect. If you drop by this railway station, make sure to take a walk outside of it as the outside facade is more impressive than the inside.

This incredible and exceptional railway station is already a beautiful modification of its original building. When a fire devastated the original structure, wrought-iron materials replaced it and a more contemporary and efficient building where built to enhance the whole station. Now, this railway station totally stands out among all the other train stations in Europe. It has become an outstanding destination in its own right and harbours numerous species of plants and ponds. Although, the station is also complete with cafes, shops and nightspots, the whole railway station has become a remarkably huge tropical garden that never fails to amaze travellers.

Budapest-Nyugati Palyaudvar in Budapest Hungary

This railway station also serves as the country’s famed architectural structure. It is completely built with amenities and modern serviceable shops and stalls to cater every traveller’s needs. The original architectural design, which has been fortified and revamped over the years, is suitably impressive. Also, locals and tourists not taking the train are seen to flock outside the station because of its impressive frontage.

Amsterdam Central Station in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Situated perfectly at the heart of the Dutch capital, the Amsterdam Central Station has become a popular tourist attraction aside from being a terrific railway station. Its Dutch neo-Renaissance architectural structure is regarded as one of the most striking and has been a subject of so many award-winning photographs.

Istanbul Haydarpasa Terminal in Turkey

This historical central train station is the busiest rail terminal in Turkey and one of the busiest in the whole of Eastern Europe because of its connections to bus and ferry services. The combination of the prominent original structure and few modern upgrades and improvements in design has made this train station one of the most noteworthy and remarkable. The oriental style of the whole station, accomplished by its eye-catching architecture and ornamental work of arts, has been admired by most travellers.

St. Pancras Train Station in England

This train station which is famously described as the “world’s most wonderful railway station” is one of the busiest train station in entire Europe. It impressively appeals to both locals and rail travellers alike because it features a spectacular Victorian architectural design and houses the continent’s longest champagne bar. It also offers international services to Belgium and France.

Gare de Limoges-Benedictins in France

This historical train station situated near the Benedictin monastery, hence the name, is considered to be one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world. It might be because of the exemplary engineering innovation of rebuilding the central station above the original train tracks and uniquely placing the huge platform just above the tracks to support the main building. The distinctiveness of the station’s edifice is a factor that makes it desirable for tourists and travellers.

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