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Fascinating Things to Do in Europe

This is a list of amazing possible activities to do and happenings to experience. Most of the things that are included in this list is familiar and popular activities that the majority of tourists have enjoyed doing and gladly recommends to other travellers. Some in the list might be unusual and quite adventurous, but that is the concept of this journey, right? The main goal is to experience the best of Europe.

Consider Train Travelling

This definitely tops the list, for experiencing the best of Europe and be able to enjoy every inch of wonder this beautiful place has to offer. Sitting on the carriage seat, mesmerized by the view of the countryside outside your train window is the perfect thing to do. It is a much better option that going by airplane and watching the beautiful sights in its minuscule form.

Dig the History of Europe

Europe has a brilliant history. It is one that is worth knowing and learning. For this awesome destination, it is easy to spot history as it is everywhere around you. Make sure to visit the historical places in some countries. You will be enthralled by their significance and value.

Try the Outdoors

Do not be defeated by your fears and get out of your comfort zone and experience all the outdoor beauty. Join excursions, trekking activities, cruises and mountain climbs. Europe has the most magnificent nature and you should experience it first-hand when you get there.


Stonehenge is an Ancient Wonder and do not dare to miss the chance of seeing this unfathomable ancient remains. There is no way that something as awe-inspiring as this wonder can get erected during the same surprising circumstances in these modern days. So take the best of your opportunity and see it for yourself.

Visit Film Locations

Many of our favourite movies have been filmed with Europe serving as the backdrop. For die-hard fans, it is a great experience to get a photo of the train station and cafes where our favourite stars had their heated scenes and unforgettable kisses.

Cocktails by the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is grandiosely popular and even without us telling you, we swear it is already on your bucket list. However, try sipping cocktails in front of the iconic tower on the rooftop of Hotel Raphael. The feeling is overpowering and quite romantic. Make sure to snap a photo too.

See an Inspiring Collection of Arts

Art masterpieces in Europe are world-famous. Check them out so your familiarity with them does not end in your textbooks. Even if you are not an art aficionado, you will still find yourself mesmerized by the captivating art. Don’t miss the paintings and other art collections at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Check out Cemeteries

For an exemplary but informative adventure, tour the cities of the dead. They are not the usual tourist’s attractions but they are still enlightening. The endless labyrinth of underground tunnels in Paris is a great one to check out, a morbid but entertaining kind of adventure.

Taste the Wine where it is made

Wine is a big production in Italy and perhaps you have already heard of it. So what better way is there but to taste wine right where it is made. You will not only satisfy yourself with the goodness of gulping one the best tasting wines in the world, but you will also get to sightsee the vast beauty of vineyards and countryside.

Live the Castle Life

For once in our lives, living inside a castle has always been a wistful thinking. However, Europe can let you experience what it feels like to live inside the castle with some of its splendid ones open to public for exploring. Some castles serve as museums while some are still occupied. Try the Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich, Blarney Castle in Dublin and the Oxford Castle in London.

Be Rightfully Fed

Wherever your itinerary takes you in Europe, we are certain that there is an equally delectable delicacy that you can munch while exploring the streets. Churros and Gelato might be already available from where you are but the one in Spain and Italy are just incredibly flavourful. The waffles and French fries in Belgium are definite must-try just like the crepes in France. No penny is ever wasted with the goodness of the savoury sausages in Germany. They come in the most appetizing variations. It is even exciting to try them all if you got the time. Moreover, do not leave Paris without tasting their famous and luscious Crème Brule. It is the best in the world.

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