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The Most Delicious Must-Try Food for Every Rail Traveller in Europe 1

Apparently, a good trip can be concluded a great one when there is pleasure from the food experiences travellers get. Of course, one cannot truly enjoy to the fullest any picturesque views when the stomach is not filled and satisfied. It is for this reason that travelling to Europe appeals to so many. The food in the European Union is of most decadent and delicious. Ranging from the delectable delicacies at food stalls and outdoor festivals, to the mouth-watering desserts served at local and infamous cafes; there is so much bliss and satisfaction in getting to guzzle in one and every European food.

Must-Try Street Food 2

The delectable street food delicacies in Europe include French fries, tarts, pies, waffles, sausages, cheese, and crepes. Nevertheless, there is always one appetizing food that stands out in every city. In Spain, one can never go wrong with its Spanish doughnuts called Churros. It can be eaten unadorned or enjoyed alongside hot chocolate and coffee. Amsterdam, on the other hand, has its famous Stroopwafel. The luscious caramel sauce oozing right at the middle of two thin pressed waffles is a taste to behold. The fresh and crunchy fries in Belgium are a definite go-to food. You can have it served with any sauces like curry ketchup, tartar sauce, chutney, mayonnaise and aioli. Italy is known for varieties of foodstuff but this time we give the floor to Zeppole. You can have these tiny deep-fried pastries in fillings of either jam or jellies and topped with icing sugar while enjoying all the city’s fantastic spots. Another popular food in Italy is the Gelato. The perfect combination of sugar, cream, milk and flavourings or fruits and other purees provides a heavenly feel to the palate. It is quiet easy to spot Turkey’s popular bagel, Simit in Istanbul. This piping hot bread is commonly consumed with tea. However, they are also great with vegetables and cheese. The streets of Bulgaria offer fresh flaky cheese pasty called Banitsa. It can be enjoyed plainly or by adding sweet milk, egg, spinach or meat. The crepes in France have always been among the favourites of tourists. Having them in sweet varieties of fruit preserves, custards, sugar, jam and Nutella or in pungent options of ham and cheese is always an impenitent choice. The cities in Czech Republic are usually filled with its popular and unique pancakes called Tredlnik. These sweet energy-boosting pancakes are roasted precisely and covered in walnuts and sweet cinnamon sugar. They are shaped spirally and are served on a stick for easy eating while strolling. In Germany, tourists can enjoy sausages in their most appetizing variation. Currywurst are sausages steamed, fired and seasoned with curry ketchup. They are typically served with onions and French fries for a more profound and complete on-the-go meal. Whether travellers get busy walking the streets of European countries or decides to take a little rest on that side of the street, there is constantly a street food to accompany them by.

Must-Try Desserts 2

Aside from the appetizing foods found on the streets of European countries, the continent is also famous for its mouth-watering desserts. Being the first place to integrate dessert into meal times, the restaurants of Europe is filled with many luscious and distinctive sweet treats. The Baklava in Greece is a must-try dessert. It is made from the flaky pastry of almonds, walnuts, pistachios or pine nuts sprinkled in honey and then wrapped in thin sheets of phyllo dough. This sweet and rich pastry is a definite delightful treat. Turkey has a special kind of ice cream called Dondurma. It is denser and thicker in texture and melts harder compared to regular ice cream. Dondurma ice cream is a must-try in because it cannot be found anywhere else outside the country. The Macarons in France or most popularly referred to as French Macarons are not only palatably scrumptious but also visually alluring. The perfect combination of hard exterior and soft filling of this sweet confection is very hard to resist. After any sumptuous Italian meal, no one can ever go wrong with having Panna Cotta as a dessert. It is a flavourful mixture of cream, egg white and honey that is flawlessly blended and baked. Another famous sweet treat in Italy is the Tiramisu. This popular coffee-flavoured cake that sends a delicious bittersweet flavour is made with ladyfingers, eggs, and sugar and mascarpone cheese. Although Crème Brulee is quiet known and available in many places, this recipe of soft egg and vanilla custard under a thin layer of caramelized sugar in Paris stands out still because of its texture and pungent tang, or maybe because it is made in the infamous City of Light.

Food is always a staple, a basic necessity. And Europe has them in their full glory. Travelling to Europe is not only made to satisfy the soul with amazing memories but also fills the body with appetizing treats.

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