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The Most Scenic European Train Routes

Without Doubt, Europe is a great travel destination!

Europe is one of the most desirable destinations that backpackers and tourists aspire to set for. It is not a complex haven because of the expansive options that travellers can choose from in getting there and enjoying all of its hand-outs. Flying from one desired country to another is one of the top choices that most explorers take pleasure in doing around Europe. Enjoying the abundance of gorgeous locations and amazing activities in Belgium, Prague, and Montenegro, get astounded by the profusion of historical and religious spots in Rome, Spain and Vienna. Surely, all souls will get lost and restored in the astonishment of all of Europe.

Touring Europe by Train, Such an Ideal Way

However, another option for a romantic and thrilling trip in Europe is to travel by train. For most travellers that are keen to details and inspiration, going by train can become a well-blended recipe of magic and mystery. There are also remarkable advantages that rail travel has over other travel methods. For one, it is a good way to save on time and money because most train stations are already situated in the heart of the town. Also, for some, who finds security lines and long check-in a hassle, waiting for the train and hoping onto it is a trouble-free alternative. Of course, train travelling does not guarantee anyone a fast journey, but, it can certainly assure an impressive one.

All aboard the Different Scenic European Train Routes

Venice-Munich Railway

Venice and Munich are both popular destination for travellers. The former being an extraordinary romantic place especially for lovers with its certain village feel and plenty of canals and bridges and the latter for its notable input on culture and arts and well, beer. The railway from Venice to Munich boasts of prosperous beautiful sites that not only will fill the eyes but will certainly quench the spirit of deep consciousness. Travelling from Venice to Verona to Trento then Innsbruck and finally to Munich will be filled with getting in-sight the Italian valleys, snowy peaks and towering Alps.

The Chocolate Train, Switzerland

What is a great travel without great food? This train route does not only offer a wealth of scenic views but also tenders two of the most flavourful food variant in the world, chocolate and cheese. The trip starts in Montreux, home of the spectacular snow-covered Alps and lush vineyards. It allows travellers to visit a popular cheese-making factory and a spectacular castle when it reached Gruyeres. Part of the trip is also a free lunch at one of the delightful local eateries. Finally, when it reached Broc, tourists are given an amusing chance of nipping on scrumptious chocolate treats at the Cailler-Nestle Chocolate Factory. Now, isn’t that a sweet victory?

The Scottish Highlands

Dubbed as one of the most striking train routes, this course is absolutely an intense one. The route starts at Fort William where travellers can be taken aback by Britain’s highest mountains which will spearhead the unearthing of West Highlands. It passes through Glenfinnan, the place famous for its arched viaducts which magnificently overlooks Loch Shiel and the Jacobite monument. Even those that are not fanatics of the Harry Potter films will find these views truly enchanting. Passing through the serene village of Arisaig is another part of the route that brings certain astonishment to travellers and locals alike. And finally, ending the course, Mallaig is a town known for its reputation as a busy fishing village and identified for its abundant and sumptuous seafood.

The Great British Heritage Route

United Kingdom is prevalently known for its many historic sites, the castles, in particular. For travellers that predominantly love the significant structure of the great British fortresses, gaping into the train windows of any British Heritage Routes can become a joyous and unforgettable experience. And not only that, there are over 500 noteworthy attractions that are waiting for all kinds of tourists.

The Flam Railway

The journey within Flam Railway is always an experience to behold. Although it is recognized as one of the steepest train lines, the panoramic view of the most splendid nature sights makes the entire route a fantastic one to take. For only a short moment, this route will take travellers into a myriad of travelling occurrences through the mountains and the ocean. Getting to explore the spectacular Flam Valley either on foot or from the saddle is a necessity that every traveller in this route should experience.

Bernina Express, Switzerland to Italy

Generally described as the most scenic Swiss train ride, this train routes absolutely brings all the formula of great train travelling into both a surreal and real experience. Starting at the oldest city in Switzerland, this train ride is definitely one to offer a fulfilment when it comes to history cravings. It runs along one of the most impressive slim gauge railways, the Albula Railway and then passing through the soaring Landwasser Viaduct. It also passes beside 3 lakes within the Bernina Mountain pass. One of the most remarkable highlights of the Bernina Express Route is the Brusio loop which is a circular viaduct with a panoramic view.

Europe Trains Vacations

The Best Festivities and Events to Join in Europe

Europe is a continent that has an amazingly diverse culture and traditions. It is rich in collection of incomparable arts, various music and brilliant traditional festivals that are all worthy of attention. Whenever travellers decide to visit this amazing destination, their memories will not only be overflowing of panoramic scenic views and magnificent sites but also of wonderful experiences from Europe’s variety of festivities and events. The moment you are done with booking your rail passes, make sure to check out, join and enjoy these festivals and events that are a must-try for ultimate touristy experience.

Fascinating Festivals

The Carnival of Venice

Known as one of the older and biggest festivals in Europe, the Carnival of Venice is a celebration of fairy tales, fantasy and wonders. This festival is celebrated every year between the months of January and February ending 40 days before Easter. People wear sophisticated costumes and masks inspired from the 18th century and rejoice to the fullest. The masks worn by the people stand as an alter ego to deprive their fear of society’s judgment on their actual roles in the community. A series of amusing events such as costume contests, musical performances and theatrical performances take place for a week. There are also several elite and luxurious parties organized on the duration of the festival. This carnival is now celebrated worldwide and famous in the name of Mardi Gras.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Considered as the largest arts festival in the whole world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs throughout the whole month of August. This enormous and highly structured festivity had a modest beginning in 1947. But now, it showcases 40,000 performances and 3,000 art shows. Generally, this festival makes about two million people as crowd engaging into events and performances such as opera, plays, comedy, ballet, pyrotechnics and so much more. Even though the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is quiet overwhelming, the clamour of the people and the delight of the events is an absolute reason to make anyone stay and enjoy the rest of the festival.

Cannes International Film Festival in France

For film fanatics, the Cannes International Film Festival is the event to watch out for. It is considered as one of the most respected events in the film industry. Filmmakers, celebrities, journalists and fans gather at this European film festival. This festival is not only made to celebrate movies and their stars but also for people to enjoy the rest of Cannes. Relaxing on the beach, dining in restaurants, exploring the streets and watching movies are few of the activities locals and travellers get to enjoy at this sensational and polished event.

Enchanting Events 2

La Tomatina in Spain

The famous La Tomatina started out as a meek mass tomato battle done for the sole purpose of seeking attention at the Los Gigantes Carnival in Bunol. It has emerged into one of the most popular festivals in Europe after a few series of prohibitions and setting rules. This crazy tradition takes place on the last Wednesday of August annually. Participants of this event start on throwing tomatoes to fellow participants until the event turns into a massive tomato war. The climax of this event is when all participants are completely soaked in squished tomato juices, skins and seed with their clothes absolutely shattered. Because this occurrence has garnered the attention of tourists, organizers start to cultivate inedible tomatoes to use during the event and certain safety rules were established to make sure that La Tomatina remains to be a wacky and safe event for everybody to enjoy.

Henley Royal Regatta in England

The Henley Royal Regatta is one of the most refined sporting events in the world. It is a rowing event that lasts for 5 days and happens on the first weekend of July in the river of Thames. This event has attracted rowers from around the world and does not only play as a knockout race but a fashion event as well. Elites and bluebloods attending the event are generally clad in classy designer outfits. The food and drinks served are also of the finest and exquisite quality making it considered to be the most prestigious sporting event for men.

Tomorrowland in Belgium

Known to be one of the biggest European Music Festivals, Tomorrowland recently started in the year 2005. It manifestly stands out from the rest of music festivals because of its design concept featuring fairy tales, castles, cobras and bookcases; elaborate lights and laser animating the venues at night time; top quality music system; best performing Djs and musicians. Another exemplary feature of this music festival is the Church of Love concept, which is a love temple guarded by naughty nuns. Couples are allowed to cuddle inside the inviting church. Tourists and travellers will definitely enjoy this one-of-a-kind music festival in Europe.

Europe Trains Vacations

Tips and Tricks for Rail Travellers Going to Europe

Travelling together is very common amongst couples. One of the most endearing destinations popular for its romantic ambience is Europe. Some of the European cities are home to tourist spots that make all romantics giddy. After some romantic bonding watching over scenic views in the comforts of the train, every couple wandering Europe should visit these following cities for the ultimate romantic trip.

Paris, France

Paris is one city that stands out as most romantic to most. The combination of the old and new culture of the city makes it a popular choice for travellers and tourists to be an ideal romantic getaway. It has all the right ingredients for any lover’s perfect escapade. The City of Light has plenty of destinations and romance-related activities for every type of travellers most especially for lovers. Amidst the current issues concerning the love-locking bridge, it was one innovative concept that sells easily to couples. For a simple but striking date or for catching up a beautiful sunset, try going to the Temple of Love or commonly referred to as Temple Romantique. However, for couples opting for a religious activity, the Montmarte with its signature Sacred Heart Basilica is the place to go. For a slow but sensual romantic stroll, the finest spot is the serene Canal St. Martin. The historical towpaths and the iron footbridge is perfect scenery to passionately watching the vintage road bridges opening up to let canal boats pass through. On the other hand, being on a boat sailing romantically down the Seine on a river cruise is more dreamy and exploratory. The Jardin Shakespeare is also a gorgeous spot to visit because all of the trees, plants and flowers. There is a lot to choose from among the many idealistic places in Paris but one should not end its journey without taking a glimpse at the beautiful Eiffel tower. It is almost everybody’s dream to see the striking and iconic tower and seeing it in real life is absolutely romantic and surreal.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another romantic city that is famous among tourists is Amsterdam. It is casually called the Venice of the North because like Venice, it has plenty of canals. The magical effect of the city shines the brightest at night. The bridges are lit and couples mostly enjoy a slow stroll along the cobbled streets while peering over the windows of the splendid canal houses. Nevertheless, for couples to truly enjoy the canals, renting a boat for two and cruising privately while enjoying some sumptuous meal and sipping some champagne, is such an amazing thing to experience. Another memorable thing to do is to have picnic in Vondelpark. Finding a perfect spot surrounded by lovely flowers, near the pond and overlooking the bridge and winding alleys is as impressive as dining in an expensive restaurant. Also, joining some food tours and going to concerts alongside other dreamy couples is an exciting and passionate thing to do in Amsterdam.

Venice, Italy

Venice City is absolutely made for love and romance. Lovers will definitely be filled with astonishing experiences and brilliant memories when they travel in this city. From the hotel accommodations, delectable dishes to outdoor activities, the city is abundant and prideful. Getting lost on the winding and historical streets of Venice is like submerging yourselves into a mysterious but encouraging maze. The canals offer a pensive view and taking a boat ride at the Grand Canal is a must-try especially when the sun is about to set. But there is nothing more romantic to taking a Gondola ride and join the custom of kissing under every bridge. Food is also best in this city and the best spot to dine is in the Casanova-related historic restaurant called Cantina Do Spade. For an extra alternative, also check out restaurants that offer a view of the romantic canals. Sharing some gelato along the street, feeding pigeons in St. Mark’s Square and watching opera are other tender things that should be on the list when visiting Venice.

Madrid, Spain

The charming city of Madrid is full of romantic places and hidden places that can mesmerize tourists. There is so much to do in the busy avenue of Gran Via. Tourists can check out all kinds of hotels, shops, bars and striking landmarks and watch out for all essential sights to see. For a more inspiring and quiet activity with the loved ones, visiting big museums and small galleries is fun-filled and educational. Trying the city’s best churros and grabbing a good beer while taking pictures of all the marvellous structures and statues around the city is a good catch-up activity for any traveller. The city has lot of cultural collections that are fascinating and romantic.

There are so many beautiful spots and wonderful activities waiting in Europe. And you should spare the time to check them out. Book your romantic train trip today.

Europe Trains Vacations

Tips and Tricks for Rail Travellers Going to Europe

Travelling by train is now the new trend in going to Europe. It is a comfortable and cost-effective way to travel. You cannot only enjoy the beautiful spots of the city you plan to explore in but you also get to see all the fascinating scenic views along the way. Through incredible train routes, you can experience many parts of Europe in the luxury of your carriage. There is nothing more fortunate than be mesmerized by the breathtaking views of the Alps, stately villages, incredible viaducts and tranquil waters. However, travelling by train sounds simple and fun, it is not as easy as getting to the station, finding your platform and hopping on the train. A systematic plan should be made in order to avoid drawbacks that can ruin the supposed to be magnificent trip. There are several tips and tricks that are already proven to work for some of our rail travellers. And it would not hurt to read more and keep that in mind.

Tickets and Rail Pass

There are many train routes to choose from when travelling to Europe. And it is better to know what particular city you want to go to so you can choose the appropriate tickets. You see, booking a train journey is like creating your own customized travel adventure. You should also consider if your plan and willingness to travel is flexible. There are two available options in choosing tickets and rail passes. One, you can get an open ticket which is usually good for a month. Two, you can get a ticket with a reservation which is only valid for a particular time and train. For rail passes, you can choose consecutive for an unlimited train travel validity or flexi for fixed number of travel day’s validity. You can get these tickets and rail passes on the train station but booking them online can become less demanding. You can also save money by online booking the tickets in advance. Make sure to keep guard on your ticket and rail pass for they are irreplaceable if stolen or lost. Though, certain pass insurance can give out refunds.

Train Service

The option between choosing whether to get the first-class or second-class service of the train is quite a debatable issue. While some says that getting the first-class seat is a better option because of its eminent difference on service such as reclined seats, level of cleanliness and more space, others also claimed that the price difference between the two is not at all worth it. For this argument, I suggest that you get information on your train’s services. There are trains that have comfortable, spotless and modern second-class services. After all, the scenic view you get from both first and second-class does not change at all.

Overnight Trains

Travelling overnight might be a good idea for most travellers. It can save a night of hotel expense and gain you an extra sightseeing time. With these, most travellers sacrifice sitting up in their chair uncomfortably. But for a safer and sounder sleep, get either a couchette or sleeper even if they cost a bit extra on the rail pass. After all, you do not want to be carrying an aching body when you get to your destination. Just make sure that all your valuables are kept secured before you drift off into a good night train sleep.

Know Your Station

One of the most important things to do is to familiarize yourself with the accurate train station you are getting into most especially in foreign cities. It is best to bring a map and always double-check your ticket with the departure and arrival station names. Also, do not be late as European rail services are quiet efficient.

Luggage and Travel Items

Make sure that you use the right luggage. Take into consideration the overhead racks or spaces below the carriages. It will be difficult if your suitcase does not fit the luggage storages. Europeans are distinguished to travel light so their trains are mostly designed according to this manner. Also, bring something that might keep you interested while on the train. Even though, the scene outside is appealing, it is best to bring some attention-worthy materials for when you do not want to look out the windows. Also, most trains may have features like restaurant cars and snack carts but it is mighty good to stock up on your own snacks to save on money because most food on the train is priced heavily.

Don’t forget to Enjoy

Once the tickets have been validated and the suitcase is sitting properly on the rack, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. As much as you do not want to be disturbed by unnecessary noise from other passengers, make sure that you do not make pointless noise of your own. Have courage and try to mingle with locals and other tourists. You can surely learn a thing or two from them.

Europe Trains Vacations

The Most Interesting Railway Stations in Europe

The advantages of travelling by train are many. There are so many amazing and rewarding things travellers get when they choose to book trains instead of planes when exploring the magnificent Europe. One of the abundant perks of travelling in Europe by train is being able to stop by so many beautiful railway stations. The astounding architecture, magnificently decorated buildings and enormous passenger platforms puts any traveller in awe and admiration. Some of these train stations are not only strikingly functional in appearance but also serves as the country’s main utmost architectural structure. Most train stations in Europe have brilliant historical stories that will keep tourists and travellers interested.

Antwerp Central Station in Antwerp Belgium

This is one of the most luxurious and notable railway stations in the whole of Europe. The exceptional architectural approach of this station is difficult to find in contemporary architectural styles. The design is similar to a religious construction; therefore the station is often called the Railway Cathedral. It has twenty different types of stone and marble that is flawlessly built to last a long time. Travellers get the feeling of being inside a cathedral every time they set foot in this lavish and impressive railway station.

Gare du Nord in Paris, France

This iconic railway station in France has been featured in several popular films such as The Bourne Identity and Ocean’s twelve. One of the station’s dramatic features is the striking statues that signify the places where the usual Nord’s train are coming from and heading to. It also features gigantic arched windows that allows bountiful amount of light to peer through the platforms for a more spectacular effect. If you drop by this railway station, make sure to take a walk outside of it as the outside facade is more impressive than the inside.

This incredible and exceptional railway station is already a beautiful modification of its original building. When a fire devastated the original structure, wrought-iron materials replaced it and a more contemporary and efficient building where built to enhance the whole station. Now, this railway station totally stands out among all the other train stations in Europe. It has become an outstanding destination in its own right and harbours numerous species of plants and ponds. Although, the station is also complete with cafes, shops and nightspots, the whole railway station has become a remarkably huge tropical garden that never fails to amaze travellers.

Budapest-Nyugati Palyaudvar in Budapest Hungary

This railway station also serves as the country’s famed architectural structure. It is completely built with amenities and modern serviceable shops and stalls to cater every traveller’s needs. The original architectural design, which has been fortified and revamped over the years, is suitably impressive. Also, locals and tourists not taking the train are seen to flock outside the station because of its impressive frontage.

Amsterdam Central Station in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Situated perfectly at the heart of the Dutch capital, the Amsterdam Central Station has become a popular tourist attraction aside from being a terrific railway station. Its Dutch neo-Renaissance architectural structure is regarded as one of the most striking and has been a subject of so many award-winning photographs.

Istanbul Haydarpasa Terminal in Turkey

This historical central train station is the busiest rail terminal in Turkey and one of the busiest in the whole of Eastern Europe because of its connections to bus and ferry services. The combination of the prominent original structure and few modern upgrades and improvements in design has made this train station one of the most noteworthy and remarkable. The oriental style of the whole station, accomplished by its eye-catching architecture and ornamental work of arts, has been admired by most travellers.

St. Pancras Train Station in England

This train station which is famously described as the “world’s most wonderful railway station” is one of the busiest train station in entire Europe. It impressively appeals to both locals and rail travellers alike because it features a spectacular Victorian architectural design and houses the continent’s longest champagne bar. It also offers international services to Belgium and France.

Gare de Limoges-Benedictins in France

This historical train station situated near the Benedictin monastery, hence the name, is considered to be one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world. It might be because of the exemplary engineering innovation of rebuilding the central station above the original train tracks and uniquely placing the huge platform just above the tracks to support the main building. The distinctiveness of the station’s edifice is a factor that makes it desirable for tourists and travellers.

Europe Trains Vacations

Fascinating Things to Do in Europe

This is a list of amazing possible activities to do and happenings to experience. Most of the things that are included in this list is familiar and popular activities that the majority of tourists have enjoyed doing and gladly recommends to other travellers. Some in the list might be unusual and quite adventurous, but that is the concept of this journey, right? The main goal is to experience the best of Europe.

Consider Train Travelling

This definitely tops the list, for experiencing the best of Europe and be able to enjoy every inch of wonder this beautiful place has to offer. Sitting on the carriage seat, mesmerized by the view of the countryside outside your train window is the perfect thing to do. It is a much better option that going by airplane and watching the beautiful sights in its minuscule form.

Dig the History of Europe

Europe has a brilliant history. It is one that is worth knowing and learning. For this awesome destination, it is easy to spot history as it is everywhere around you. Make sure to visit the historical places in some countries. You will be enthralled by their significance and value.

Try the Outdoors

Do not be defeated by your fears and get out of your comfort zone and experience all the outdoor beauty. Join excursions, trekking activities, cruises and mountain climbs. Europe has the most magnificent nature and you should experience it first-hand when you get there.


Stonehenge is an Ancient Wonder and do not dare to miss the chance of seeing this unfathomable ancient remains. There is no way that something as awe-inspiring as this wonder can get erected during the same surprising circumstances in these modern days. So take the best of your opportunity and see it for yourself.

Visit Film Locations

Many of our favourite movies have been filmed with Europe serving as the backdrop. For die-hard fans, it is a great experience to get a photo of the train station and cafes where our favourite stars had their heated scenes and unforgettable kisses.

Cocktails by the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is grandiosely popular and even without us telling you, we swear it is already on your bucket list. However, try sipping cocktails in front of the iconic tower on the rooftop of Hotel Raphael. The feeling is overpowering and quite romantic. Make sure to snap a photo too.

See an Inspiring Collection of Arts

Art masterpieces in Europe are world-famous. Check them out so your familiarity with them does not end in your textbooks. Even if you are not an art aficionado, you will still find yourself mesmerized by the captivating art. Don’t miss the paintings and other art collections at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Check out Cemeteries

For an exemplary but informative adventure, tour the cities of the dead. They are not the usual tourist’s attractions but they are still enlightening. The endless labyrinth of underground tunnels in Paris is a great one to check out, a morbid but entertaining kind of adventure.

Taste the Wine where it is made

Wine is a big production in Italy and perhaps you have already heard of it. So what better way is there but to taste wine right where it is made. You will not only satisfy yourself with the goodness of gulping one the best tasting wines in the world, but you will also get to sightsee the vast beauty of vineyards and countryside.

Live the Castle Life

For once in our lives, living inside a castle has always been a wistful thinking. However, Europe can let you experience what it feels like to live inside the castle with some of its splendid ones open to public for exploring. Some castles serve as museums while some are still occupied. Try the Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich, Blarney Castle in Dublin and the Oxford Castle in London.

Be Rightfully Fed

Wherever your itinerary takes you in Europe, we are certain that there is an equally delectable delicacy that you can munch while exploring the streets. Churros and Gelato might be already available from where you are but the one in Spain and Italy are just incredibly flavourful. The waffles and French fries in Belgium are definite must-try just like the crepes in France. No penny is ever wasted with the goodness of the savoury sausages in Germany. They come in the most appetizing variations. It is even exciting to try them all if you got the time. Moreover, do not leave Paris without tasting their famous and luscious Crème Brule. It is the best in the world.

Europe Trains Vacations

The Most Delicious Must-Try Food for Every Rail Traveller in Europe 1

Apparently, a good trip can be concluded a great one when there is pleasure from the food experiences travellers get. Of course, one cannot truly enjoy to the fullest any picturesque views when the stomach is not filled and satisfied. It is for this reason that travelling to Europe appeals to so many. The food in the European Union is of most decadent and delicious. Ranging from the delectable delicacies at food stalls and outdoor festivals, to the mouth-watering desserts served at local and infamous cafes; there is so much bliss and satisfaction in getting to guzzle in one and every European food.

Must-Try Street Food 2

The delectable street food delicacies in Europe include French fries, tarts, pies, waffles, sausages, cheese, and crepes. Nevertheless, there is always one appetizing food that stands out in every city. In Spain, one can never go wrong with its Spanish doughnuts called Churros. It can be eaten unadorned or enjoyed alongside hot chocolate and coffee. Amsterdam, on the other hand, has its famous Stroopwafel. The luscious caramel sauce oozing right at the middle of two thin pressed waffles is a taste to behold. The fresh and crunchy fries in Belgium are a definite go-to food. You can have it served with any sauces like curry ketchup, tartar sauce, chutney, mayonnaise and aioli. Italy is known for varieties of foodstuff but this time we give the floor to Zeppole. You can have these tiny deep-fried pastries in fillings of either jam or jellies and topped with icing sugar while enjoying all the city’s fantastic spots. Another popular food in Italy is the Gelato. The perfect combination of sugar, cream, milk and flavourings or fruits and other purees provides a heavenly feel to the palate. It is quiet easy to spot Turkey’s popular bagel, Simit in Istanbul. This piping hot bread is commonly consumed with tea. However, they are also great with vegetables and cheese. The streets of Bulgaria offer fresh flaky cheese pasty called Banitsa. It can be enjoyed plainly or by adding sweet milk, egg, spinach or meat. The crepes in France have always been among the favourites of tourists. Having them in sweet varieties of fruit preserves, custards, sugar, jam and Nutella or in pungent options of ham and cheese is always an impenitent choice. The cities in Czech Republic are usually filled with its popular and unique pancakes called Tredlnik. These sweet energy-boosting pancakes are roasted precisely and covered in walnuts and sweet cinnamon sugar. They are shaped spirally and are served on a stick for easy eating while strolling. In Germany, tourists can enjoy sausages in their most appetizing variation. Currywurst are sausages steamed, fired and seasoned with curry ketchup. They are typically served with onions and French fries for a more profound and complete on-the-go meal. Whether travellers get busy walking the streets of European countries or decides to take a little rest on that side of the street, there is constantly a street food to accompany them by.

Must-Try Desserts 2

Aside from the appetizing foods found on the streets of European countries, the continent is also famous for its mouth-watering desserts. Being the first place to integrate dessert into meal times, the restaurants of Europe is filled with many luscious and distinctive sweet treats. The Baklava in Greece is a must-try dessert. It is made from the flaky pastry of almonds, walnuts, pistachios or pine nuts sprinkled in honey and then wrapped in thin sheets of phyllo dough. This sweet and rich pastry is a definite delightful treat. Turkey has a special kind of ice cream called Dondurma. It is denser and thicker in texture and melts harder compared to regular ice cream. Dondurma ice cream is a must-try in because it cannot be found anywhere else outside the country. The Macarons in France or most popularly referred to as French Macarons are not only palatably scrumptious but also visually alluring. The perfect combination of hard exterior and soft filling of this sweet confection is very hard to resist. After any sumptuous Italian meal, no one can ever go wrong with having Panna Cotta as a dessert. It is a flavourful mixture of cream, egg white and honey that is flawlessly blended and baked. Another famous sweet treat in Italy is the Tiramisu. This popular coffee-flavoured cake that sends a delicious bittersweet flavour is made with ladyfingers, eggs, and sugar and mascarpone cheese. Although Crème Brulee is quiet known and available in many places, this recipe of soft egg and vanilla custard under a thin layer of caramelized sugar in Paris stands out still because of its texture and pungent tang, or maybe because it is made in the infamous City of Light.

Food is always a staple, a basic necessity. And Europe has them in their full glory. Travelling to Europe is not only made to satisfy the soul with amazing memories but also fills the body with appetizing treats.