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The Best Festivities and Events to Join in Europe

Europe is a continent that has an amazingly diverse culture and traditions. It is rich in collection of incomparable arts, various music and brilliant traditional festivals that are all worthy of attention. Whenever travellers decide to visit this amazing destination, their memories will not only be overflowing of panoramic scenic views and magnificent sites but also of wonderful experiences from Europe’s variety of festivities and events. The moment you are done with booking your rail passes, make sure to check out, join and enjoy these festivals and events that are a must-try for ultimate touristy experience.

Fascinating Festivals

The Carnival of Venice

Known as one of the older and biggest festivals in Europe, the Carnival of Venice is a celebration of fairy tales, fantasy and wonders. This festival is celebrated every year between the months of January and February ending 40 days before Easter. People wear sophisticated costumes and masks inspired from the 18th century and rejoice to the fullest. The masks worn by the people stand as an alter ego to deprive their fear of society’s judgment on their actual roles in the community. A series of amusing events such as costume contests, musical performances and theatrical performances take place for a week. There are also several elite and luxurious parties organized on the duration of the festival. This carnival is now celebrated worldwide and famous in the name of Mardi Gras.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Considered as the largest arts festival in the whole world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs throughout the whole month of August. This enormous and highly structured festivity had a modest beginning in 1947. But now, it showcases 40,000 performances and 3,000 art shows. Generally, this festival makes about two million people as crowd engaging into events and performances such as opera, plays, comedy, ballet, pyrotechnics and so much more. Even though the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is quiet overwhelming, the clamour of the people and the delight of the events is an absolute reason to make anyone stay and enjoy the rest of the festival.

Cannes International Film Festival in France

For film fanatics, the Cannes International Film Festival is the event to watch out for. It is considered as one of the most respected events in the film industry. Filmmakers, celebrities, journalists and fans gather at this European film festival. This festival is not only made to celebrate movies and their stars but also for people to enjoy the rest of Cannes. Relaxing on the beach, dining in restaurants, exploring the streets and watching movies are few of the activities locals and travellers get to enjoy at this sensational and polished event.

Enchanting Events 2

La Tomatina in Spain

The famous La Tomatina started out as a meek mass tomato battle done for the sole purpose of seeking attention at the Los Gigantes Carnival in Bunol. It has emerged into one of the most popular festivals in Europe after a few series of prohibitions and setting rules. This crazy tradition takes place on the last Wednesday of August annually. Participants of this event start on throwing tomatoes to fellow participants until the event turns into a massive tomato war. The climax of this event is when all participants are completely soaked in squished tomato juices, skins and seed with their clothes absolutely shattered. Because this occurrence has garnered the attention of tourists, organizers start to cultivate inedible tomatoes to use during the event and certain safety rules were established to make sure that La Tomatina remains to be a wacky and safe event for everybody to enjoy.

Henley Royal Regatta in England

The Henley Royal Regatta is one of the most refined sporting events in the world. It is a rowing event that lasts for 5 days and happens on the first weekend of July in the river of Thames. This event has attracted rowers from around the world and does not only play as a knockout race but a fashion event as well. Elites and bluebloods attending the event are generally clad in classy designer outfits. The food and drinks served are also of the finest and exquisite quality making it considered to be the most prestigious sporting event for men.

Tomorrowland in Belgium

Known to be one of the biggest European Music Festivals, Tomorrowland recently started in the year 2005. It manifestly stands out from the rest of music festivals because of its design concept featuring fairy tales, castles, cobras and bookcases; elaborate lights and laser animating the venues at night time; top quality music system; best performing Djs and musicians. Another exemplary feature of this music festival is the Church of Love concept, which is a love temple guarded by naughty nuns. Couples are allowed to cuddle inside the inviting church. Tourists and travellers will definitely enjoy this one-of-a-kind music festival in Europe.

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